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Meridian 34

About the company

14 years of work

165 completed projects

41% of port transshipment of mineral fertilizers goes on our equipment

We work in 5 countries

Our achievements

перегрузки минеральных удобрений Украины

History of the company

2007 – the year of foundation of Meridian 34 . The company began with the production of exclusive equipment for the food industry.
2014 – Meridian 34 successfully solves the technological difficulties of the logistics industry and develops unique and exclusive equipment for mineral fertilizers.

Thanks to our experience in the maintenance of equipment for the handling of mineral fertilizers, we have developed completely new weighing and dosing systems that have made a splash in the logistics industry and have proven themselves in ports and warehouses. Sets and systems from “Meridian 34 are mobile, economical and have high performance.

2017 – due to the high demand for mineral fertilizers, Meridian 34 created the first weighing and dosing set for the GrosDorf company in Cherkasy. Thanks to the new design, the company was able to quickly unload and package the incoming fertilizers. The speed of the complex was a record. The time of delivery-unloading-packing of products, which used to last several weeks, has decreased to a matter of hours, which made it possible to avoid additional economic waste, save time and money. For the period 2018-2019, the company completed 30 contracts for the supply of this type of equipment.

2018 – while solving market problems, Meridian 34 develops installations for the production of dry complex mineral fertilizers.

2020 – using our successful experience in installing weighing and dosing equipment, we have already designed agro-logistics complexes solving the tasks of our customers.

Now the specialists of Meridian 34 are designing another revolutionary equipment for the production of liquid complex fertilizers

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