Installations for the production of dry complex fertilizers (DCF) - Meridian 34

Installations for the production of dry complex fertilizers

Our specialists carry out:

• Selection, manufacture and supply of necessary materials, equipment and components.
• Execution of installation and commissioning works and arrangement of the technological line for granulation of mineral fertilizers.
• Detailed staff briefing.
• Carrying out a set of the technological line tests.
• Preparation of equipment documentation.


• Specifications.
• Technical passports for equipment and its components.
• Certificate of conformity.
• Warranty order.

Installations for the production of dry complex fertilizers (DCF)

Technological line for granulation of mineral fertilizers (mono mixtures and field mixtures) and packaging in polypropylene bags weighing 50 kg with a sewing closure as well as soft polypropylene containers of the “big-bag” type weighing 0.5-10 tons with a polyethylene liner.
Planned capacity up to 6 tons per hour.

Line operation description

Personnel : the working shift for 4 workers.
The line is turned on, and after the signal “line is ready for operation”, the loader driver fills the raw material stock bin, after which it is fed into the granulators by augers. After the granulator the material enters the conveyor for collecting granules, then it is transported to the “conditioner drum” using an inclined conveyor, and then into the classifier drum. After the classifier, the rejected products are returned, by means of a conveyor, to the stock bunker, and the calibrated granule is transported to the packaging unit.

Task completion time:

105 calendar days from the date of advance payment by the customer.

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